NFTs for Music eBook
The most up-to-date and comprehensive resource on NFTs for music artists
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What's Inside the eBook:

What NFTs are and how music artists can leverage this new technology

A breakdown of tech terms into language and examples you can understand

Step-by-step tutorials that guide you through the process of minting your first NFT and putting it on the marketplace. 

About the Authors

In 2016, Kaila Love & Hashbrown met through their friend, Gigio, in San Francisco, CA. Hashbrown was the creator of and lead engineer at Knock Knock Studios and Kaila Love was working on recording her first EP, Beautiful & Disgusting.

 In 2018, Hashbrown wrote a song called Crypto Queen and asked Kaila Love to feature on it because she was the only woman artist he knew at the time who had invested in cryptocurrency.

 Fast forward to 2021, they finally shot the music video and released the song. Now, they're releasing the guide that every independent artist trying to be an early adoptor to this exciting new technology needs - NFTs for Music!

"Crypto Queen" - Team HODL (Hashbrown ft. Kaila Love) 

Hashbrown started off as a musician and expanded to audio engineering - even building his own studio, Knock Knock Studios in 2014. He went on to co-found teamHODL, in 2017 Hashbrown wrote the white paper and developed the tokenomics for an ERC 20 token to crowdfund and profit share music. TeamHODLs single, Lambo Land,  went viral in the crypto world and earned them a spot as OG's in the crypto rap game - even getting flown to Manhattan to perform at the Crypto Influence Summit in 2017. 
Kaila Love is a Hip Hop artist and entrepreneur from the Bay Area, CA. Her recent single, Half Time, was featured on ESPN and the NBA2k21 Video Game Soundtrack. On March 26, she sat down with Hashbrown to mint her first NFT of her follow up single, I Did. Within 12 hours, it sold for $100 USD with multiple bids on the second one. Within 24 hours, she wrote this book. It's the most comprehensive, step-by-step guide for minting music NFTs and putting them on the market. 

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